Mr Warhol

‘Andy Warhol shows the sharp critical opinions of an artist known to many primarily as art salesman, purveyor of product and celebrant of capitalism… In 1968 Andy Warhol was pronounced dead; shot by feminist author, activist and member of his entourage, Valerie Solanas. He was taken to hospital, received an open-heart massage and was revived. Warhol explored his encounter with death through his art and in the photograph of his scarred torso by Richard Avedon.’ Whitworth Art Gallery (2016:Online)

Warhol’s display of colour and repeated  use of prints in his artists rooms collection at the Whitworth Art Gallery demonstrates his interest in politics, identity, death, and the American dream – all subjects brought back into keen and controversial view by recent events in the US Presidential elections and the UK’s so-called Brexit vote.

I went down to check the exhibition out for myself. These are just some of my favorite pieces from the exhibition.


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