Make room the Missguided Store has Hit

If you have been living under a rock, Missguided have launched their brand new store in Stratfield, London and its the most amaze shop you will have ever seen. If you follow Missguided on Instagram or looked on their website you might have already seen sneak previews of their head offices in Trafford Park, Manchester and it looks INSANE. As I’m a student in Manchester we’ve had guest speakers who have been there and said that the walls are plastered in that famous lip bite print which parcels come in if you order online, Pamela Anderson’s Lamborghini is parked in the entrance and swings hangs in the conference rooms. Heres some photos off their website if you don’t believe me..

I was not surprised in the slightest when I saw snaps of the store on the premiere before it opened officially.  I went to London  at the weekend  and accidentally ended up in the shopping centre where  the Missguided store is and you can’t miss it.  Here are some snaps I took so do your self a favor and go visit if you can otherwise if not you won’t make the naughty list this year.


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