Print Me Paisley Please

(This is an article I wrote for a university project where we had to create a magazine. I wrote this piece to accompany the photographs shown below)

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Eating cake in cafes, snapping pics of cool graffiti in Manchester’s Northern quarter and ending up on rooftop carparks in the spring sun, it felt almost as if I was on a girls day out then on a fashion shoot for one of the most in demand brands for this season. The Paisley & Print collection was bursting with unusual cultural twists and revolved around the fun, urban youth of city life.

Our own girls shook up Manchester though reimaging retro, Great British style classics with a rebellious and fierce attitude. The current trend really seems to rotate around retro patterns, clashing of prints tied up with iconic styling with a sporty edge. The conservatism of wearing wide-framed, blacked out, obnoxious sunglasses in the city is upended thanks to contemporary, fun coloured aviators and unexpected styling. While the oversized shirt dresses comes sexed up with eye-catching prints and belted waists extenuating the ever lusted after ‘Kim K’ curves. Elsewhere the contrast in pink fur gilets and North Face puffa jackets matched with cow printed boots and classic Stan Smiths hints between sporty spice and decadent glamour, all styled with an endless amount of sass.

With this campaign being shot in the up and coming, British fashion city of Manchester, hugely highlights the new youthful outlook the city has on this collection. Manchester is full of a variety of ethnicities, races and cultures which really highlighted the diversity in patterns and bright colours used on the garments. Not only does this trend capture the vibrant essence of Spring/Summer it also revives youth culture through the fun and quirky styling, city location and outgoing personality of the collection.

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